Experience the wonderful world of Ballroom dancing alongside a world class professional.


Enter the world of competitive Latin American dancing along a world class professional. Get exclusive coaching from Bogdan and Anna and guidance to a type of dance competitions that gives the amateur dancers a chance to experience the thrill of competing in national and international dance events. Travel throughout Europe, UK to Hong Kong, China and the United States, taking part in the most glamorous dance events, socialising with top professionals and having the chance to share the floor with them.

Bogdan & Carolyn - Blackpool Dance Festival - ProAm Latin
Bogdan & Carolyn - Adriatic Pearl 2018 - ProAm Latin
Bogdan & Carolyn - Blackpool Dance Festival - ProAm Latin
Bogdan & Carolyn - Crown Cup Dubai 2019 - ProAm Latin


The notion of Pro-Am is not something new, but it is relatively new to the dance industry. From its name, it implies a partnership formed from a Professional and an Amateur dancer. Similar to sports like golf or tennis in the Pro-Am competition system, the amateur dancer takes part in competitions partnered by a professional dancer. The professional helps by highlighting their skills and adding to their respective value and potential. The ProAm system gives amateur dancers an incentive to compete not only with others but with themselves. And that in turn gives satisfaction and happiness, improves health and fitness and the overall lifestyle changes for the better. 


Depending on each individuals level and experience, Pro-Am competitions offer the opportunity of dancing amongst dancers of similar levels, thus challenging them to improve and evolve as dancers and performers. The amateur dancers have also the opportunity to prepare and perform on showcase events with their professional dance partners. This is a good way to let the imagination free and perform a number entirely original, reflecting your personality, dance style and emotions.


Browse through and enjoy the brilliant performances created by Bogdan and Anna.

Bogdan & Carolyn – Pro Am ShowDance – Bambolero 2019

Bogdan & Carolyn – Paso Doble – Carmen 2018

Bogdan & Margaret – Rumba & Cha Cha 2017


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