Bogdan and Anna are a top Professional Latin American dance couple currently representing England. They are actively competing and teaching mainly in the UK but also competing around the world in ballroom dance competitions and show dance events both together and with their Pro-Am students. Their dance experience together started in 2010. They met in the same city, both looking for a new dance partner at the time. Having the same goals, they clicked immediately and decided to dance together.

In 2014 they decided with their coach to represent The Netherlands and following that, they were ranked the top couple in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2016 after making the top 24 in the European Championship, they moved to London where they currently teach and prepare for competitions.


Anna started her dance journey at the age of 13 in Bucharest being inspired by one of the top couples at the time. One of her goals was then to become the best possible dancer and to bring joy in other people's lives through her dancing . She is continually developing her dance style and finds inspiration in dance styles as Flamenco, Ballet Contemporary dancing.


Bogdan's dance career started just as he turned 12. He was amazed by the performance given by a couple in their school and decided to pursue dancing as a hobby. Few years later, the hobby turned into a desire to perform and be better. Meeting Anna was an essential step and the fact that they were on the same page regarding dancing, gave them the energy to develop and progress faster.


Enjoy a few of Bogdan & Anna’s performances from current and past years. Keep up with their latest posts and news by visiting their Blog Page.


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